“Convey my thanks to all who are helping. [You] merit great support from all who care about our wonderful troops.”
George H.W. Bush
Forty-First President of the United States

“What these people have done with these kids is really unique and is a tremendous idea. A mother who is (in the U.S.) while her husband is in Afghanistan, has to think, ‘Well, there are really people who appreciate what we’re doing.’”
Bob Knight
Hall of Fame Basketball Coach
Special Guest at 2008 Camouflage Kids Fundraiser

“I was coached by Jeff Nix. Now let him coach you on how to help the children of our soldiers.”
Patrick Ewing
11-time NBA All-Star
2008 – Basketball Hall of Fame

“As a proud father of a U.S. Marine, I cannot think of a better program to support our military families and provide them with an opportunity to visit a college campus and attend an athletic event.”
John Paxson
Executive Vice President–Basketball Operations
Chicago Bulls

“Thank you for doing this.”
Mike Krzyzewski
Head Basketball Coach
Duke University

“This is powerful, it’s really powerful. Anything we can do to help support the men and women defending us, I’m on board. We were very proud this year. Our Marquette game was a Camouflage Kids game, and I got goose bumps and we do the anthem and both teams are facing each other, but on the left sideline, were about 200 kids, and I’m looking over there saying, they’ve got one or both parents over defending us, I got emotional.”
Mike Brey
Head Basketball Coach
University of Notre Dame

“There’s been a lot of stuff made about this being the first recruiting day and coaches missing the event, but what we’re doing here trumps anything that can happen. You have to have a safe place in order to have the opportunity to recruit, and there’s nothing more important and more vital to this country than the men and women serving in the military, and to be able to take care of their kids while they’re abroad, it’s really a great honor to be involved in this. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It’s amazing what Jeff Nix and Ray Stults are doing, and for Ray to open up his house like this, it’s really special.”
Dane Fife
Head Basketball Coach

“It was a day where you walked out and said — I know this is going to sound corny, but it’s one of those days where you walk out and say, ‘It’s good to be an American.’ It was a very heartwarming experience and as soon as Jeff called me up to organize next year’s, I just said ‘Count me in.’”
Steve Hawkins
Head Basketball Coach
Western Michigan University

Izzo said Nix’s enthusiasm for “Camo Kids” encouraged him to take the plunge…….“It was something that was passionate for him and — boom, boom, boom — he was 100 miles per hour on it.”
Tom Izzo
Head Basketball Coach
Michigan State University