Family Notes

Mr. Nix –

I just wanted to send you a little note stating our appreciation for what you are doing. My family and I attended the UB Bulls/Army football game this past Saturday offered through the Camouflage Kids organization.

We really enjoyed ourselves! The t-shirts and back packs are greatly appreciated also. The kids really loved being able to go down on the field to “hi-five” the players… an experience they won’t soon forget. On top of it all it was a real exciting game!

By attending this function it offered me another reason to really be proud to be an American and to be part of a military family! Thank you for all your support and the time spent putting these functions together on a regular basis.

Thank you,
Karen Schurr

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to thank you again for the tickets to Saturday’s game. I think my husband was even more excited than we were just to know that people here are looking out for and appreciating the sacrifices we are making! We are all grateful to be able to attend the event.

It can be so difficult during a deployment to take time out to do special things like this with the kids because there are so many responsibilities being juggled. Since we have been separated by military duty about 36 of the last 51 months, our kids miss out on a lot of that kind of activity that their dad would normally take them to. I felt very proud to be able to tell my husband I had taken the kids to the football game, that they were able to participate in the opening, and that we were able to hang out with other military families (which can be a rare occurrence for Guard and Reserve families).

Thank you for all you continue to do on behalf of military families. I know it can be a thankless job sometimes, but I wanted you to know that this game will be a lifelong memory for all of us.

With grateful hearts,
Sue, Danae, Alexander & Abigail Knowles (and Alex – from Afghanistan!)

Jeff & Ray:

I just wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU both so much for the wonderful time your organization provided today.

It has been a difficult transition coming home to my family after being deployed for 15 months. It was such a nice time doing something with my family that I normally would not have been able to do otherwise. You and your organization provided everything that we could have possibly wanted.

Thank you so much for all you are doing.


SGT. Marcus Treece

Thank you to all involved,

Please extend my thanks to all involved in putting on the program for the MSU basketball game on 15 Dec. I was deployed to Afghanistan Oct-Jan last year and missed the holidays with my family. It was not a pleasant experience for them.

This year is much different and much better. The game on Saturday helped kick-off my holiday restoration plan. My wife and three daughters attended the game with me and remarked at least half a dozen times how enjoyable the day was to them.

Thanks again, God Bless all of you and Merry Christmas!

Robert J. Sack, Lt Col, MIANG
C-130E Standardization/Evaluation Pilot

Mr. Nix:

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day we had at the Joyce Center.Notre Dame won WoooooHoooooo!!!!It was very much appreciated it. MY kids loved it! And I’m sure they will remember today for along time.Kudos to you! Thanks again.

Thanks Jeff and Ray! The whole family had a blast! It was a great game and a treasured memory. Thanks for what you do!

MAJ Chuck Yingst
S-3 / Senior FTUS, 2-238 GSAB

Jeff & Ray,

I cannot tell you how much my family enjoyed yesterday.

My family and I are HUGE Notre Dame fans and my boys all play football. They only dream of one day playing at a school like Notre Dame.

To be in the locker room yesterday with all of the tradition and spirit that goes with it was absolutely incredible and something they will carry with them their whole lives (me too!).

To hear the heartfelt thanks from the Coach and including us in the National Anthem was also something I cannot describe with words. Finally, the game was absolutely one of the best basketball games I have ever attended.

My husband is the Command Sergeant Major of the 1-293rd out of Fort Wayne. They are at Fort Stewart right now and deploy to Iraq March 7th.

I am one of two Battalion Family Readiness Group (FRG) advisors helping to service over 1000 families in our battalion. I am a school teacher, I work several hours a night with FRG, and I am raising my boys 15,13, and 9 by myself.

Not only do my poor kids have an absent DAD but they also have an often absent MOM while I try to help others so I cannot express to you enough how much my family needed yesterday. It was absolutely perfect.

Thanks again,
Tracy Cox


Thank you SO MUCH. We truly enjoyed our time at the basketball game. Camouflage Kids is a wonderful organization we appreciate what all of you have done for our family.

Thanks again,
Christy Summers

Mr. Nix,

Thank you for all you do, for the Military children and for my two kids, they love it so much.

This was there first time attending a basketball game. They love their T-shirts and they are still wearing them. They also love that after the game they got sign autographs from the players.

Thank you once again for all you do.

Thank you
Francy Arvizu
1-10 CAV – FRSA

Jeff & Ray:

Thank you so very much!!

My husband wasn’t very excited about going (I signed him up and then told him about it) but ended up having an absolute blast at the game.

This was our son Andy’s first basketball game and he got to experience it with his Dad (who was also a first-timer, as it turns out), which isn’t so common with a daddy who’s a soldier.

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in making this such a great day!

Angela Chopper
Proud Army Wife

Mr. Nix,

I just wanted to write a quick “thank you” for everything that you all did for my family last Thursday night.

My boys had a great time at the game and are still talking about it. I guess the t-shirt and story worked well for my youngest boy’s classroom story the next day. I believe they will be Notre Dame fans forever now.

My wife also said that everyone was very courteous and helpful through the entire night.

I really wish I could have gone myself, but I am still currently on Active Duty at Camp Atterbury and it is kind of tough to get home during the week.

Thanks again for everything,

P.S. They were especially excited that they were able to meet a professional football player while they were there. (Mr. Kelso from the Buffalo Bills)

Barry Mooney


As always, this was an outstanding experience that my family will always cherish. The boys had an exceptional time; especially since the Irish won number 35 in a row at home.

Please keep in touch because you have definitely enriched and touched our lives. Take care.

MAJ Andy Fitzgerald

Thanks, my children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a wonderful experience and my son appreciated meeting the coach. Will the photos with the coach be available on line or will you email them to us. Hope you have a Happy New Year.

CSM James Basingers


I want to thank you and everyone at Camouflage Kids for giving my boys a fun-filled evening–of course it was great that Mom and Dad had to chaperone them. Erin (Pitt alumni board member) was a little disappointed that her team fell apart so I reassured her with some talk about Pitt’s injuries this season.

I am most happy that you chose to include the Indiana National Guard.

Currently, the National Guard is pulling 50% o for floods, tornadoes, and forest fires in the states.

Often our Guardsmen are forgotten. They are being deployed multiple times in addition to all of the time away from family for training. The war is taking a toll on families from failed marriages, coping issues, and job loss/foreclosures.

Our children are often paid the least attention, but I know my being away took a great toll on my boys. Currently, I travel around Indiana ministering to the very families I wrote earlier about which takes me away from my family even here in the states.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the great opportunity afforded my family to spend a night together away from the worries of everyday military life.

Chaplain (Major) Jim Staggers
Indiana JFHQ Support Chaplain


I just want to say thank you once again. My son Alex and myself truly enjoyed the day and the Camouflage Kids hospitality.

Daniel Majors

Mr. Nix,

We would like to personally thank-you for the wonderful time we had on Saturday at the game. With the size of family that we have going to many events gets very expensive for us. This game was a very welcome and much appreciated day for my children and myself.

We actually where cheering for both teams and found we where in a win win situation!

Thank-you again from the bottom of our hearts for caring so much about our military families. My husband who is in Kandahar also enjoyed the game due to the excitement from the kids in all the e-mails he received.

We look forward to attending a basketball game in the future.

With Thanks.
Mrs. Debbie Ratka
153 Troop Command Unit
Connecticut Street Armory
Buffalo. N.Y.

Hello Jeff,

What an absolutely wonderful experience the Army games were. I think some seeds were planted because of this great exposure. You are like a leaf in the wind, enjoy all your adventures. My friend, Maureen (who works Intell at the North East Air Defense Sector in Rome, NY) also wanted to thank you.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to put this whole thing together. If I can ever help you please do not hesitate to contact me.

SSG Ruth Taber

Dear Mr. Nix,

I had a really good time watching the games, meeting the players & coach and being in such a great athletic environment. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to come to West Point and have so much fun.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you.
Natalie Fiore (SSG Ruth Taber’s daughter)


It was a tremendous honor having you come to West Point for the Camouflage Kids event. It turned out fantastic!

The Competitive Sports office is still charged up from the great showing even though Army couldn’t put things together in the second half. Thank you so much for all you did to make it up here. Personally, I enjoyed the short time I got to chat with you, have you meet my boy, and snap a few photos together. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Pim for 3 years now and he has always said the greatest things about you. Each time I get a chance to visit with you, I know what he means.

Thanks again Sir. Best of luck and let me know if I can be of any help. Happy Holidays.

Very best regards,
MAJ Joe Gelineau


Thank you very much. We are really looking forward to attending the game (Evansville @ Butler) this Saturday in Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Also wanted to thank you for visiting us in Balad, Iraq this summer with the other coaches. It was a pleasure to meet you and the other coaches that made the long, hot trip to visit us.

COL Todd Townsend

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to take a moment to Thank you and the Camouflage Kids for your support of the US Military, especially those of us who are, or who have previously been deployed.

A deployment is always so very difficult – not only for the soldier who spends so many long months away from home – and everything that is special and comfortable to them, but also for the families, who are left behind to “hold it all together” – the emotional separation of children, the extra work for the spouses and family members who are left behind, the “hole” that is left in so many lives when their soldier is not there. Birthdays and school programs, the Holidays and even just the “everydays” all feeling a bit disconnected and even sad as they are overshadowed by the separation.

This opportunity, to attend the ND women’s basketball game, gave my family something to feel “special” about – and to know that there are people out there who do care and support all of us who serve in our own ways. They had a great time, and I very much enjoyed seeing pictures of them at the game.

I hope you continue with the great work you are doing, and get the support that you need in order to keep this great program running.

Thank you again!
MAJ Milissa Peffley
Kirkuk, Iraq


A sincere thank you to you and your organization. It is with tremendous gratitude that I am sending this email, and I can’t possibly express how much I appreciate what you have done, and continue to do. As a long time Marine, father, and husband, it makes me feel good that there are people of your caliber that take time to look out for families of servicemen and women.

As a future commander, I look forward to having more opportunities for my Marines and there families to benefit from your hard work. Thanks again!

LtCol T. M. Fahy
Executive Officer
12th Marine Corps District


Thanks so much for the great opportunity for our family to go to the Citadel game last Saturday. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening, especially getting to hear you and Coach Conroy speak. You have a fantastic organization! We appreciate your recognition of military families – it is our pleasure and honor to serve you and every other great American.

Curtis Stauffer, Lt Col, USAFR
Charleston AFB, SC
(fellow Hoosier)